Solvency excellence certificates are one of the highest European standards which determine the quality of business. It is an internationally acknowledged confirmation of business excellence for a company.
We are pleased to announce that in 2017 and 2016 we are the proud winners of the gold AAA solvency excellence certificate awarded by the international organization Bisnode. The certificate stands for the above average solvency of a business company. The solvency excellence certificate is based on the analysis of financial statements for the previous year and the performance forecast for the following year.

AAA certifikati bonitetne izvrsnosti za 2017. Bisnode
AAA certifikati bonitetne izvrsnosti za 2017. Bisnode

Company Wall d.o.o, a company with several years of experience in improving business processes, awarded our company the certificate of solvency A+, considering the fact that we are one of the few companies with above average solvency grade. The certificate is the official confirmation issued by Company Wall d.o.o on the solvency exellence based on revenue, debts, creditworthiness, purchasing power and other financial factors considered when calculating the grade.

Certifikati 2017 CompanyWall